Deduplicate Row Order

What is the order that Deduplicate grabs rows? Does it grab the first row, last row, or somewhere in between?

Deduplicate uses a speed-optimized algorithm that doesn’t preserve the row order. Rows are returned in a random order.

If you need to preserver the row order, enumerate rows first (using the “Enumerate rows” action), then deduplicate table (excluding the column with row numbers), then sort by row numbers in ascending order.

It’s not the row order that’s throwing me for a loop. My end goal is to add up enrollment per course. So, cross-listed and multiple meeting patterns are causing issues. For example, I have

ES 385 001 meets Tuesday at 3:30 in CEN and it meets Thursday at 5:00 ARR
ES 385 002 meets Tuesday/Thursday at 8:00 in CEN and it meets Thursday at 5:00 ARR

I really only want to keep the first meeting for each of these courses.

Enumerate rows and use the “Keep min/max” action to keep the 1 smallest row number inside groups defined by course.