Debug/Trace field update

What would be the best way to debug the transformation? I have a pretty big task to process data. It is working fine when it runs from easymorph but when I add it to easymorph server or launcher some fields getting updated differently than it is running from easymorph desktop. Can’t figure out why it is getting updated this way. Is there way to debug step by step or stack trace for update how it got updated certain field of table on easymorph server ?

Hi Bolud,

the best way to debug a discrepancy would be to run the workflow in EasyMorph Desktop on the server machine under the same Windows account that runs EasyMorph Server.

When executed in EasyMorph Desktop use the column lineage to track back how a column was modified.

On your local machine (where result differs), track lineage of the same column.

Actions in the lineage path dialog are clickable. When you click an action, it becomes selected and the column in question becomes selected too.