DAX connector for tabular models

That would be awesome to query our tabular models with easymorph. Here is an interesting article showing how to go from sql to dax : DAX for SQL Folks: Part II - Translating SQL Queries to DAX Queries – SQLServerCentral

It could even be part of an internship @Easymorph :slight_smile: :grinning:

Can this feature interest you ? Why supporting DAX against tabular models ? Why ETL on top of a cube supposed to already be ETLized ? Here are the reasons :

  • whatever you can design in your cubes, people will always have to transform the data. Today Power BI can do that by importing part of a cube, one dimension after the other, it’s not so convenient.

  • make easymorph the only tool for all data sources. One cube is a major data source that forces users to use other ETL compatible tools.

  • because it’s simple ! It’s a quick win. I mean you are not forced to apply all query editor features. It would just be selecting fields and applying simple filters (without custom SQL for example).

  • because a cube is not only for analytics, it’s also a way to provide a data model, and to provide good performance depending on the join defined inside the cubes, even more if you handle data in memory. It’s just a performant database to query ! When developpers provide a cube, they also hope it to be one unique data access point.

  • because DAX has become a worldwide language, and it’s not complex to manipulate for this use case.

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