Date Serial Not Making Sense

makedate(1900,1,1) results in 2 and makedate(1899,12,30) results in 0. I thought the date serial was calculating the number days since the beginning of the 20th century. Am I missing something? Why is the date serial for January 1st, 1900 2 and not 0?

Hi Daniel and welcome to the Community!

Dates in EasyMorph are (formatted) numbers, in exactly the same fashion as in Excel. A number date in Excel is exactly the same number in EasyMorph and the other way around. In other words, EasyMorph has been intentionally made compatible with Excel in terms of dates. Unfortunately, it also required porting a few Excel bugs (oddities?) such as the one that you described.

PS. A fun fact, dates in Excel in turn were made compatible with Lotus 1-2-3 so the oddities with Excel dates actually come from Lotus 1-2-3.