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Is it possible to create an excel data validation list as dropdown using EasyMorph?


Hi @vaibhavtandon87,

not sure I understand your question. Can you please elaborate?

Hello @dgudkov,

In excel we have under data validation option to create drop downs from a list of values. Using that option if we define a range having values like A, B,C, D etc all those values come as a drop down .

I hope I am able to explain what I mean?

Hello @vaibhavtandon87,

You can’t add validation to Excel cells from EasyMorph.

But it you already have an Excel file with validation, you can update list of allowed values from EasyMorph.

In order to do that you have to place the list allowed values to a separate sheet and update that sheet from EasyMorph. Have in mind, that the number of values in the new list should be smaller or equal to the number of values in the old list. Otherwise exceeding values will not be displayed in the dropdown list.

Thanks @andrew.rybka!

Could you please help with screenshots of workflow how? which action to use?


Sure. Here it is. Just use “Export to Excel” action in the “Replace sheet” mode:

Valiation list.morph (1.5 KB)
Valiation list.xlsx (8.5 KB)

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Thanks @andrew.rybka

This works!

I will get back in case of any issues.

Thanks again!