CSViewer case insensitive filtering?

The CSViewer program looks great. Is it possible to add case insensitive filtering - I suppose it isn’t supported yet?

BTW, a portable zip version would be nice so the program would be even more lightweight.

Hi @datatraveller and welcome to the Community!

Case-sensitive filtering isn’t available in CSViewer at this point. I’ve moved your post to the #feature-requests category.

CSViewer is effectively portable. You can zip the installation folder of CSViewer and unzip it on another computer - it will work.

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you very much for the answer and the great tool. Looking forward to the upcoming charts.

So maybe for downloading a portable zip version could be added additionaly to the setup version?
A few other little things:

  1. I have noticed that when using the export function to write filtered data to CSV (comma, Auto), fields that contain numbers with leading zeros get quoted. While not wrong, this isn’t actually needed according to RFC 4180.
  2. When choosing an ANSI codepage, “Use custom code page” with IDM EDCDIB (USA - Kanada) is preselected but I think it would be more useful if the radio button “Use system code page: …” was the default.