Cross merge - example of complex merging/matching


In the documentation for action “Cross merge” (, it is mentioned that it can be useful “performing a complex merging/matching, where all possible combinations are later filtered using a complex condition”. What would be an example of this, to have an idea?

At the moment I’m doing a matching where I have to see all possible combinations of value across 6 different tables and check if they could match or not, so instead of using cross-merge (which work for only for 2 tables), I’m joining all the values in one table and then doing iterations where in each iteration, each value is compared to the rest (having filtered inside the iteration those values that are in the same table, as these shouldn’t be combined).

In any case, it would be great to understand what you mean by “performing a complex merging/matching” in the case of a cross merge, to see if it could be useful.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Roberto,

some complex matching condition such as “starts with…” or “contains…” can be done using the “Match” action. However, matching conditions such as “[A] > [B]” where [A] and [B] are in different tables will require using “Cross merge” in order to produce all possible combinations of matches, and then filtering.