Corporate / Online Trainings

Hello @dgudkov,

With so many features coming lately , are there any plans or do you have resources to conduct online training to cover from basics to advanced training?

Hello Vaibhav,

can you elaborate - what kind of online training do you have in mind?

Hello @dgudkov,

From bird’s eye view below are my initial thoughts:

From a novice user perspective my thought is -

  1. Get them well versed with capabilities of tool.
  2. Few sessions to walk them through different actions and some simple use cases

From experienced user perspective:

  1. Sessions from experts on new recently introduced features and their application.
  2. Some complex use cases.

The tutorial: is the best place for a beginner to get started with EasyMorph.

Regarding recently introduced features, we will start doing video overviews “What’s new in version X” soon.

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