Connection via ODBC tot AWS Athena not table shown


We connect to Amazon Athena using ODBC in EasyMorph. Apparently we can query the tables using custom query but the tables are not shown in drop down.

What could be the reason ?

Kind regards,

Hi Nikolaas,

Most likely Amazon Athena ODBC driver has a behavior which is different from standard behavior of an ODBC driver.

You can try to change SQL dialect option in your Athena connector. Maybe some of the supported dialects are compatible with Athena.

When I change it to Hive (what Athena seems to use) I can see the tables but the fields are not shown.
Also when I want to use the action for deleting matching database rows, I can see the table but I cannot match on a field because the fields are not shown.
Could this be investigated ?

Nikolaas, Athena is not officially supported by EasyMorph, so it may work correctly only if it’s fully compatible with one of the supported SQL dialects. Which doesn’t seem to be the case.