Can't import Excel file

I’d like to check out EasyMorph. I downloaded the program, but am unable to import an Excel sheet. I get the error “Worksheet name is not specified”.

I was able to create a simple Excel file with one column that loaded, but most of my Excel worksheets will not load.

Any idea how to get past that problem? I recently switched to a Windows 10 computer from Windows 7 and am using Microsoft Office 2010, if that’s relevant.


Hello, Mark

That is an unexpected error for your case. I have tried to replicate it in several ways and it seems that in the latest version of EasyMorph this error should be displayed only when “File name is not specified.” is displayed too.

Is it possible for you to share with us one of the files which give you that error?

If yes - please send it to

Also please send us:

  • screenshot of an opened Sheet or range dropdown list from an action which results in that error
  • the content of both tabs of Diagnostic information popup from About toolbar


Hello Mark,

Thank you for the file and a thorough description of the problem.

The bug has been fixed. Please get the updated version from our download page.