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Calculation with minus



If I need a minus something in calculation (e.g. Amount < -20000),
I understand I must use a : Amount < (0-1) * 20000
Is there something planned in the next versions ?



Hi Michel,

in the expression you mentioned you can use [Amount] < (0-20000).

No support for the unary minus is planned for any time soon.


Thanks Dmitry!
It's a surprise for some customer who find that strange... That was the reason of my question.


It is somewhat inconvenient, I agree. We will revamp entire expression syntax as some point with some interesting features like local reusable expressions and optional parentheses in functions, and add support for the unary minus. It's just not on our priority list at this point because current expression model doesn't support unary minuses and redesigning the model would be a significant effort while there is a simple workaround.