Bug with Visual filters


Just found what I believe to be a Bug in the visual filter while importing from a database.

Using the action import to database, I tried to use the visual filters to choose between two dates. But as soon as I choose in the slider the option “greater than” i get a pop up that says:

“An error has occured:
Nullable object must have a value. Please contact support”

If I choose the date before moving to greater than, there is no issue. But that is impossible to do when i choose the option to query between two dates.

I don´t know if this is really a bug, but i can´t find a way to use a visual filter for filtering between two dates.


Hi Sebastian,

It is clearly a bug, we will investigate it and get back to you. Meanwhile, try using the custom SQL condition:


The bug has been fixed. Please update EasyMorph Desktop to the most recent version from our website.