Body for query in GET web requests

Hello EasyMorph Team! Any plans to allow for Body in GET web requests in future?

Hi @Nathan_K
Could you please describe why do you need support for the Request Body in GET requests?

My company utilizes a product that is essentially a web-based relational database. To extract relevant data from specific table views in the application, a JSON query must provided in the Request Body as part of the GET request. If a query is not provided, the application will try to return all records in the view but will time out as there are a few hundred thousand records.

A request body for the HTTP GET method is highly unusual, if not exotic. While the RFC specification doesn’t explicitly prohibit it, it also doesn’t specify it either so it’s a gray area. It’s widely accepted that GET requests have no body. For instance, MSDN specifies that GET doesn’t have a body. Also, in the extremely widely used Microsoft .NET Framework (used by EasyMorph) HTTP GET requests also don’t have a body.

So far we don’t have plans to support request body for GET. If possible use POST.

I’m moving the topic into the #feature-requests category. As with other feature requests, it will get a higher priority once more people confirm the need in the feature.

Very interesting, thank you for the background info Dmitry. I am totally new to working with APIs and was not aware of the unusual nature of this. Appreciate the prompt responses from you guys.

Hello Dmitry, thought I should update – I spoke with a developer of our application in question: it turns out that their public API documentation had an error, the request should be sent via POST.

Thanks again

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Thanks for the update, Nathan. Yes, it totally makes sense now.