Blocking external actions

Hi there,

Is there a way we can block certain actions for users such as -
Block External action for "Amazon S3 command, “Download File”, “File Transfer”, “Google/OneDrive Command” via the registry somehow ?

Also is there a way to block checking for updates of Easy Morph. We will be running EasyMorph on a non-persistent Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops server so we do not want users trying to update the software



Hi Paul and welcome to the Community!

Blocking certain actions in EasyMorph isn’t possible. Although, the specified actions require a connector. If you use EasyMorph Server, you can restrict users from editing existing connectors or creating new connectors in a Server space. Note, however, that advanced users may still be able to switch to a local repository file (instead of using a Server repository) and create connectors there.

Besides that, you can hide certain actions in the action catalog. Right-click an action, and select “Hide action”. That won’t disable hidden actions, but will make them less discoverable.

You can disable update notifications in menu About, button “Check for updates” (see below).