Automatic Server Space connector mode when changing Server Space configuration

Imagine you are in File repository mode in the Connectors manager.

Then you go to the configuration of server spaces and you change something there. It should mean that you want to switch from file repository mode to server space mode. So I would expect that the mode is automatically changed. It’s not the case => you have still the connectors from file repository.

Worse than that : you are in server space mode in connectors. You change the server space in the configuration => connectors are not automatically refreshed. You have to go to Add/edit connectors and click on “Refresh” explicitly to refresh them.

At least the second point could be improved ?

Hi, any feedback about it ? I think it can be considered as a bug : if you switch your workspace, you still use the connectors of the previous workspace, and not the workspace you chose. I guess it must be corrected. Today you absolutely have to enter “add/edit connectors” and refresh or old connectors will still be applied.

Hi Romain,

When you change repository from a file to a Server space in the Connection Manager the change should immediately come into effect. If it does not then it’s a bug. Can you please describe the steps to reproduce the problem?

Changing the space in Server Link should immediately come into effect too.

The problem is about the connectors. Here are the steps :

  1. In start menu on top right corner, choose a workspace. Check the connectors displayed in “add/edit connectors”
  2. In start menu on top right corner, change the workspace. Check the connectors displayed in “add/edit connectors” => it’s still the connectors displayed in 1. When you use query database action, it’s also the connectors displayed in 1.

The only way to have the connectors associated to workspace changed in 2. is to go to “add/edit connectors” and click on refresh. Otherwise connectors do not correspond to the workspace you’ve just changed.

Problem confirmed. We’ll fix it in one of the future releases.

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It’s corrected in version 5, thanks a lot !

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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