All connectors disappeared in one workspace, 5.7 server


We have recently faced (twice in a week) a weird issue where all connectors "disappeared" inside one (big) workspace on our server 5.7. After restart of the service, everything went back normal.

We are supposing that it may be caused by the sharepoint online connectors. After all we never saw this before, when we did not have any sharepoint connector.

Imagine you have multiple tasks running based on sharepoint online connectors. They are all supposed to update the repo.sqlite of the workspace because the MSAL component tries to update the sharepoint token of each connector used. It may generate an issue in easymorph and cause this issue of "emptying" connectors, very occasionally.

Of course we would like to have your opinion about this.

Thank you !

Hello Romain,

Can you please describe the symptoms of "disappearing"? How exactly do you understand the the connectors "disappeared"? As always, a screenshot would help understand the context of the problem.

Sorry it was not clear. I have no screenshot but it’s easy to describe. You try to display the connectors available in your workspace through your server : the list is totally empty. We have tens of connectors so imagine our surprise when we saw the list was empty. A restart of the service solved it.

There are multiple places throughout the application where a list of connectors can be displayed. Where did you try to open the list - in the Connector Manager of EasyMorph action, in action settings (what specific action), in the Find Action dialog, or somewhere else?

Also, did you see any errors when the list was empty? Was the empty list shown immediately or after a significant delay (e.g. 30 seconds or more)?

Can you please also send the debug logs of the EasyMorph Server for that day to our support email - we'll check if something was off.

The list was empty in the desktop, after clicking on the add/edit connectors menu, where the source was the server + workspace (second option, not the repo.sqlite content).

I will send the debug logs. By the way in the debug logs I saw errors about the api gettings boards content, in workspaces where boards are not activated (catalog disabled). I was wondering if something was wrong with an api service supposed to get the connectors from the server, that's why I immediately had the idea to restart the service on the server.


I'd like to clarify a few things. During instances when the connectors appear to have 'disappeared' (e.g. when the Desktop displays an empty list), were you able to run a task that uses some 'missing' connector? If so, did it fail due to a missing connector error?

Essentially, what I'm trying to understand is whether this problem is solely related to display, or if there are indeed underlying issues with the connector repository.