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Adding multiple views on ETL-process


If I am not mistaking, currently it is not possible to have a birds eye view on the ETL process.
Could you add some different views to easily have an overview of the ETL-process ?
This would be very handy for large ETL-processes involving a lot of tables.
Additionnally a zoom to fit or something like that would also be handig as are a zoom in and zoom out button (or scroll).


Adding a function to rearrange the tables of the ETL-flow would be usful so that tthe tables are nicely arranged in the window. Is such feature being implemented in the versions to come ?


No plans to implement anything like that so far.

If the workspace gets too cluttered try minimizing some tables (double-click the table title bar), and/or move table to other tabs in project.


Ok thanks for the response. Can I select multiple tables in some way ? I have tried with CTRL + click but it does not work. It would be handy to drag multiple tables at once in the window.


No, multiple table selection not possible.


+1 for Zoom functionality … “simple” ctrl/shift-scroll on top of workspace to zoom in/out to get full overview of processes/tables.