Add check on data types when merging


I have the impression that merging tables in easyMorph only works correctly when the joining fields have the same data types. Also when one fields has empty strings whereas the other has real empty values, merging another table does not return the expected result.

Wouldn’t it be better that there was a check on data type when a user selects the joining fields so that errors are avoided?

Thanks !

It doesn’t seem necessary as EasyMorph has necessary means to do data type checks at any point. For instance using the “Halt on condition” action with an expression with type-checking functions (istext, isempty, isnumber, etc).

Hi Dmitry,

That’s correct but we work frequently with wide datasets so setting the data types is quite labor-intensive. If we do a merge and the action could warn us that data types are inconsistent, we would avoid errors.

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Matching data type won’t help here, because either key values match for rows to get merged, or not. Having the same type is not enough, the key values must be equal.

You can check the result of the merge instead. You can halt, for instance, if the result is expected to have all key values from the 2nd table but it doesn’t. Or if the number of rows in the result table has increased. There typically are no so many merges in a project so checking their quality shouldn’t be labor-intensive.