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Feature requests

Disable Entire Table with all Transformations (1)
Option to Append Columns for Iterate (1)
Export to the SAS dataset (2)
SFTP and key pair authentication (9)
Server: Spaces improvements [DONE] (2)
Sheetname in Export into Excel file as a parameter [DONE] (4)
Transformations over multiple rows (5)
New SQL dialect "Hive" for ODBC (1)
Owner Tagging (Server) (2)
Add metadata visibility on tables in the project (2)
Add "Group By" functionnality in query editor (1)
PDF report conditional coloring on table fields (1)
Google Analytics connector (4)
File / Folder Metadata (2)
Include column in error message for easier Troubleshooting [DONE] (18)
Derive table as transformation (1)
Simply add new column for call/program execution result (2)
File name + Folder Name when importing an Excel File (2)
Map string and diacritical character mapping (3)
Import versus Drag & Drop (1)
EasyMorph session with global default parameters (2)
Dynamic parameters or more input transformations that allow expressions (2)
Connector for Google Sheets (1)
Connection as parameter [DONE] (2)
Direct connect to Salesforce (2)
MSSQL Data From Stored Procedure [DONE] (2)
Recalculate Function - Combine Discard & Calculate [DONE] (3)
Notice of problematic data (2)
QVD file metadata (5)
Parent child dimension (3)