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Feature requests

Add "Group By" functionnality in query editor (1)
PDF report conditional coloring on table fields (1)
Google Analytics connector (4)
File / Folder Metadata (2)
Include column in error message for easier Troubleshooting [DONE] (18)
Derive table as transformation (1)
Simply add new column for call/program execution result (2)
File name + Folder Name when importing an Excel File (2)
Map string and diacritical character mapping (3)
Import versus Drag & Drop (1)
EasyMorph session with global default parameters (2)
Dynamic parameters or more input transformations that allow expressions (2)
Connector for Google Sheets (1)
Connection as parameter [DONE] (2)
Direct connect to Salesforce (2)
MSSQL Data From Stored Procedure [DONE] (2)
Recalculate Function - Combine Discard & Calculate [DONE] (3)
Notice of problematic data (2)
QVD file metadata (5)
Parent child dimension (3)
Scheduler - Every 5 Minutes (2)
Single transformation to import multiple Excel sheets (2)
Aggregate: Concatenate options (distinct & separator) [DONE] (2)
Project Overview (4)
Percentile function (3)
Insert Transformation (3)
Internal/system calculated Parameters [DONE] (4)
Ability to hide left panel (1)
Transformation to deal with merged cells in spreadsheets [DONE] (4)
Run Program - option to supply STDIN and STDOUT format (1)