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About the Feature Requests category (4)
Keep Columns (As opposed to Remove) (6)
Rename folder action (2)
XML-rpocessing without a file (3)
Processing SAP Idocs (1)
UTF-8 with BOM? [DONE] (4)
Shortcut key to rename table [DONE] (4)
Sharepoint Plugin [DONE] (5)
SmartyStreets API (2)
Connector for Salesforce (4)
Single transformation to import multiple Excel sheets (4)
Mapping tables of fields (1)
Sharepoint - Update/Create List Values (3)
Clearly show which action needs license (1)
"Percent Mode" in Total/Sub-Total transformation (5)
Export to self-executable file (6)
Pivot transformation (1)
MSSQL Data From Stored Procedure [DONE] (7)
Azure blob storage connector (1)
Export to Excel and create table (2)
Zoom and Intellisence (1)
Making recalculation more efficient (1)
Import of PDF files (3)
Parameter binding by position instead of name (1)
Statistical Functions (5)
Creating a tool for generation validation schema (1)
Usability at "database command" (Create table) (1)
Google Analytics connector (7)
Setting default date format (1)
Connector for EXASOL Database (5)