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About the Feature Requests category (4)
Visibility of the loaded lines in a window of loading of the project (1)
Add filename to table window title (1)
Query editor : "In" clause with parameter (5)
Htm file - Upload (5)
Generate tree of .morph dependencies (1)
Include SQL from visual queries in documentation (5)
Export formula iso value (3)
Trigger update from EasyMorph (1)
Statistical Functions (3)
Import xlsb re spreadsheets (1)
Adding relative path in list of files and list of folders action (1)
Adding count distinct in Total/subtotals (1)
Remove rows via right click menu (1)
Tabs in documentation (4)
Feature Query - Filter/Profile Duplicates (1)
Show comments on table/views in the query editor (1)
"Top n rows" feature to (de)activate in one click on all datasources (1)
Drag and Drop to generate merge table (1)
Sharepoint connector (1)
Scheduler - Every 5 Minutes (4)
Integration with git and GitHub (6)
Extend SFTP-transformation for moving or copying files (1)
Total Sum in Profile (1)
Data Quality on columns (9)
Keep Columns (As opposed to Remove) (2)
Edit trasnsformations while without precalculation (1)
Search on values in entire dataset (3)
User and Password prompt (3)
Creating custom transformations (1)