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About the Feature Requests category (4)
Zoom and Intellisence (1)
Making recalculation more efficient (1)
Import of PDF files (3)
Parameter binding by position instead of name (1)
Statistical Functions (5)
Creating a tool for generation validation schema (1)
Usability at "database command" (Create table) (1)
Google Analytics connector (7)
Setting default date format (1)
Connector for EXASOL Database (5)
Making edititing cells possible (1)
Taking samples to develop ETL (1)
Adding an arrow in column profiler (3)
Simple Text Box Please! (4)
Add case-insesitive to table-wide replace (1)
UTF-8 with BOM? (2)
Connector for Salesforce (2)
Connector for Google Sheets [DONE] (2)
Disable Entire Table with all Transformations (2)
Scheduler - Every 5 Minutes [DONE] (5)
[Easymorph Server] Add folder management in tasks (4)
[Easymorph Server] Smart & Simple : add action in file upload window to create task on that file (2)
[Easymorph Server] In task definition, browse morph project : add search (1)
Shortcut key to rename table (3)
Get data from RabbitMQ (5)
Percentile function (8)
Add an auto filter in the query editor (3)
Connector for Snowflake (1)
Keep rows that are not present in a database table (1)